AAC Blocks, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are undoubtedly a popular and preferred building material world-wide. Invented by a Swedish architect Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson in mid 1920, AAC is now being produced for more than 70 years and is trusted for its significant advantages over other cement construction materials.

AAC Light weight blocks is a boon to India, with increasing demand in housing and commercial space AAC substantiates to be an efficient choice of construction industry.
Besides being known for its lower environmental impact, this product‚ provides unique features and advantages for prominent architectural project. The products‚ prove to be cost and time efficient because of their light weight, which reduces the cost of transportation and dead weight of the structure. The use of MagicBond (Thin Bed Mortar) and MagicPlast (Gypsum Plaster) further reduces the construction time, as these materials requires no curing thus saving time and water, compared to regular cement plaster.It‚ has‚ high compressive strength, better fire resistance and energy efficient.

With all these unmatched properties, the‚ blocks are indeed a reputed choice for any construction.