Choose Magicrete for a strong and durable home
Are you constructing a new house? Are you renovating your house? Make sure you use the best products available in the industry to build a strong and reliable house. With the use of latest technology and the innovations in the industry, it is now possible to build a house that is earthquake resistant and allows you to enjoy the weather without any stress. Indian construction industry uses innovative technology that allows you to maximize the efficiency and ensure that the products used are cost efficient as well.
You can now replace the traditional clay bricks with AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks brought to you by Magicrete. The AAC blocks are high in strength, light in weight and cost efficient. The blocks are an ideal replacement for the heavy bricks which required a lot of effort in terms of transportation. There are various benefits of using AAC blocks for your construction; these blocks are versatile with properties of earthquake resistance, thermal conductivity and ease of use. AAC blocks are used across many countries in the World; they have only started to make a mark in India and across the Indian construction industry. Magicrete offers a range of products that are technology driven and also offers value added services to all the clients. It is the first AAC Company to have provided complete walling solutions with a range of products that are high in quality and highly durable. Magicrete has a technology driven model which ensures timely dispatch, quality check and provides value added services.
It has successfully served more than 2000 projects with esteemed clients that include Reliance Industries Limited, Larsen and Toubro Limited, TATA Housing, DLF Building and many more. The clients are highly satisfied with the products offered by Magicrete and are moving towards the adoption of new technology. AAC blocks are environment friendly and do not pollute air, water or land. This ensures that there is no generation of waste during the construction process. Another primary consideration of the blocks is moisture protection. The AAC blocks have porous structure, which are small air bubbles distributed evenly throughout the material. This ensures that there is minimal absorption of water into the AAC blocks and gives complete protection internally as well as externally.
Magicrete aims to introduce the latest technology and replace traditional clay bricks with AAC Blocks. It is a pioneer in the manufacture and sales of the AAC blocks which are making news across different cities. They aim to provide complete information about the use and benefits of the same, so that the client knows that they are investing in the best for their homes. If you have a property under construction or are planning to build a house, do take a look at the products offered by Magicrete and choose nothing but the best for yourself. The long lasting and versatile AAC blocks are here to stay and make a mark in the construction industry across the nation.