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MagicPlast Gypsum Plaster from Magicrete is a ready-to-use gypsum-based plaster coating product that is suitable for all kinds of internal walls made of AAC blocks, bricks and even stones. With special additives, it helps you achieve superior finish on your walls, and has higher coverage, which means you can plaster a larger area in the same amount of plaster in comparison to other gypsum-based plaster products.
In addition to a revolutionary product, MagicPlast scores on other fronts as well, especially in terms of workability. Anyone can use it to achieve great results by just by following a few do˘â‚Ĵ™s and don˘â‚Ĵ™ts.
Firstly, you need to wipe out all dust and loose mortar on the background to be plastered and make the background wet to achieve higher coverage.
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Secondly, the most important aspect of the plasterwork, is to prepare the plaster mix as recommended. Add MagicPlast Gypsum to water, and not vice versa, in the ratio of 1:1.5. Stir the plaster mix with a mixing rod for 2 minutes, and avoid adding additional dry material as the mix starts to set.
Finally, once the mix is ready, apply it with the help of a trowel. Make sure that a single coat should not exceed a thickness of 13mm. For more thickness, let the first layer dry and then apply the second one. Also, you can use a plaster spray machine to enhance workability.