Broken or chipped tiles are quite common in our homes. We often realize that a few of them need urgent replacement. And, calling a mason in such situations becomes quite expensive. Also, most of the times masons don˘â‚Ĵ™t turn up for such small jobs.
In such a scenario, how can you replace them yourself without making much effort?
The answer lies in Magicbond Tile Laying Adhesive. It is a polymer modified cement based adhesive for fixing all types of floor and wall tiles, and is suitable for both internal and external applications. In addition, it provides excellent waterproofing properties and resists cracking of tiles. Here˘â‚Ĵ™s how you can use it to fix tiles at your home.
Step 1:
Clean the surface and the back of the tile
Remove paint, grease, loose plaster or any kind of dirt from the application surface. Also, wipe out the dust particles from the rear of the tile.
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Step 2:
Dampen the wall or floor before application
To enable MagicBond to glue the tile with the surface better, make sure that you wet the wall or floor in advance.
Step 3:
Prepare the adhesive as recommended
Pour 5-6 liters of potable water in a clean container and then add 1 bag (30 kg) of MagicBond Tile Laying Adhesive. Mix it by hand or slow speed electric drill mixer. Leave the mix for 5-10 minutes and remix before use.
Step 4:
Use a trowel to apply the adhesive
Apply the adhesive with the flat side of the trowel using a scraping motion. Apply additional mortar with the notched edge of the trowel, and ensure that the tile is completely bedded in the adhesive.
Fix the tile on the surface and you are done!