With increased use of electrical and gas-based appliances in commercial as well as personal premises, the threat of fire is growing gradually despite better technology, enhanced safety awareness and implementation of fire safety laws. Mushrooming of high-rises, large commercial complexes and malls in both big and small cities has further aggravated the situation, as there is a huge risk of thousands of lives being at stake in case of fire. Moreover, absence of skilled fire fighting equipment and firemen even in metros makes fire safety one of the key concerns for all of us.

So, how can we avoid fire in our homes and offices? Obviously, we can do so by implementing fire safety measures strictly.

But what about the structural safety in case there is a huge fire that is no signs of abating? The AAC blocks could be the answer. Environment-friendly and lightweight, these blocks are now being used globally to build green buildings. When it comes to fire-safety, these blocks fare better than any other building materials by offering fire resistance for 2 to 6 hours, depending on their thickness.

So, if you•Ùüè÷Ì¢å‫̢åãè÷re building a high-rise or any other building where a large number people are supposed to congregate, the AAC blocks should be your preferred building material.