Magicrete was established in 2008 with the goal of revolutionizing the Indian construction industry with prefabricated construction technology that is sustainable, environment-friendly and cost-effective. This article discusses the key elements of MagicreteÌ¢åÛåªs marketing mix which have enabled it to become a game-changer in the construction sector.


The first and most critical element of any effective marketing mix is, of course, an outstanding product. Here are some of MagicreteÌ¢åÛåªs major product categories and their flagship products which have helped establish them as a force to reckon with.

Product Category 1- AAC

Magicrete building solutions is a pioneer of AAC blocks manufacturing in India. AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) is an environment-friendly and cost-effective substitute for red clay bricks in wall construction. It is a lightweight material which nonetheless has a high load-bearing capacity and great thermal and insulation properties.

Magicblox (AAC blocks)

AAC blocks were introduced in Sweden and are now popular all across Europe. Magicrete pioneered the manufacture of AAC blocks in India.

AAC Panels

AAC panels are made out of cement, lime and silica as the raw materials. They also have special rust-resistant treatment and reinforcing bars which give them great flexural strength.

Product Category 2- Magicrete Precast Technology

Precast concrete is a cutting-edge technology that is being used more commonly in the construction industry to shorten timelines and improve quality. Precast concrete consists of concrete that is cast into a specific shape before it goes to the construction site. This kind of precise casting of concrete in a controlled environment ensures that the construction adheres to the highest quality standards. Precast technology is also more cost-effective and quicker to implement. Some of our flagship precast products include:

  • Load Bearing Panels
  • Light Weight Panels
  • Stair Case
  • Columns and Beams
  • Boundary Walls
  • Cable Trenches
  • Stormwater drains.

Product Category 3- Dry Mix Mortar

Dry mix mortar is an alternative to conventional mortar. The dry mix is a thin-joint mortar (about 2mm) with high strength attributes. Thin-joint mortar holds AAC blocks together in most construction projects across the world.


Magicbond Block Adhesive

Magicbond dry mortar is simply delivered to the site in bags. Water just needs to be added to the dry mortar to create a mixture that holds AAC blocks together. Even at a thickness of just 2mm, Magicbond has high strength and water retention properties.


Magicbond Tile Adhesive

This is a polymer modified grey cement based adhesive for fixing all types of tiles on floors and walls.


Magicplast Ready Mix Plaster

This is a polymer-modified, premixed, cement-based plaster. It can be used on both internal and external wall surfaces.

Magicplast Gypsum Plaster

This is a single-coat gypsum plaster. It is suitable for internal wall surfaces made up of blocks, bricks or stones.

Puttyplus Wall putty

Putty plus is a polymer modified white cement based wally putty specially developed as a finishing coat to cover the unevenness and pinholes created by plastering and to prepare the wall / surface for painting.


While a switch to AAC blocks from red clay bricks requires a higher upfront investment, using AAC blocks is more cost effective for our clients in the long-run. Moreover, the price differential is not very significant either. For instance, clay bricks cost around Rs. 3000 in Surat and Rs. 4000 in Mumbai while AAC blocks cost about Rs. 3800 (rate per cubic meter).

In fact, the AAC market grew 10 times from Rs. 50 crore to almost Rs. 500 from 2008 to 2013. This proves that there is definitely a shift towards sustainable and cost-effective materials even in this highly value-conscious market. Given that the walling industry is a Rs. 50000 crore one, carving a large-enough space for AAC should not be a challenge.


MagicreteÌ¢åÛåªs current focus is on dominating the market in North and West India. They have two AAC block plants; one in Gujarat and one in Haryana. Magicrete also services the retail market with tie-ups with over 1300 stores across North and West India.


Here are some major promotional activities that Magicrete has undertaken to cement its position in the market.

ATL (Above the Line) Activities

Featured in high-profile publications

With its unique value proposition and ambitious scale, Magicrete has been featured across platforms like Forbes, Livemint, and Bloomberg. The Magicrete story has also been featured on Zee NewsÌ¢åÛåªÌâåÊ Ì¢åÛåÏKisseyKamyabiKeÌ¢åÛå and Rashmi BansalÌ¢åÛåªs book Ì¢åÛåÏArise, AwakeÌ¢åÛå.

Magicrete Videos

Magicrete has a series of YouTube videos educating prospective customers on how to use AAC blocks and other green building materials.

Case studies

Magicrete has documented some high-profile construction projects that used Magicrete material. These include LodhaBellissimo in Mumbai and Sankalp Sapphire in Ahmedabad.


BTL (Below the Line) Activities

Contractor Meets

Magicrete has conducted more than 150 meets across its partner retail outlets. This helps them inform and educate the contractors of key retailers about Magicrete products.

MagicreteÌ¢åÛåªs strength lies in its unique product proposition. Combined with a smart pricing strategy, an ingenious distribution approach and effective promotional activities, Magicrete has a highly effective marketing mix that can make it a leader in the sector of eco-friendly building materials.