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Everything You Should Know About Wall Putty

Smooth walls provide a canvas for you to paint your imagination, and the right colours breathe life into the home.åÊHowever, an extra effort has to be made for an extra bewildering home. This important secret is a wall putty.åÊ

Wall putty is precisely a white cement-based fine powder mixed with water to create a smooth paste applied to naked walls. Wall putty ensures that the surface of your walls is crack and bump-free for an unwrinkled paint application. Wall putty alsoåÊmakes your new paint look like it was done yesterday, even after five years.åÊ

Features and Benefits

1) Strong BondingåÊ

Compared to otheråÊwall putties available in market, this one offers up to 25% higher adhesion to create the strongest bonds with your walls. In addition, its versatility allows it to be used both on interior walls and exterior walls.åÊ

2) UV ResistanceåÊ

Our skin is not the only thing the sun can cause damage to. It is also our precious home. The Magicrete‰Ûªs Wall Putty creates a strong resistance against the harmful UV rays and elongates the paint life of the building.åÊ

3) EconomicalåÊ

With a minimalåÊwall putty and wall putty machine price, it also cuts out the pricing of primers and the quantity of paint used post its application. Since it is a smooth surface, the paint glides on easily, and there are no extra gaps to be covered. This product is making leaps and bounds by saving you money and time.åÊ

4) Water-ResistantåÊ

AåÊwall putty that is waterproofåÊis common. But the Magicrete‰Ûªs wall putty takes it a step further. It is 75% more water-resistant than other products, ensuring the elongated life of your dream paint, especially if you live around a tropical monsoon climate.

5) Easy To Use

TheåÊwall putty texture and design are easy to use as it already comes thoroughly premixed to the site. TheåÊwall putty colour is purely white, and there is nothing added to it except water. There are no lumps in the mixture, so you can always expect the smoothest finish on your walls.åÊåÊ

Is Wall Putty and Plaster of Paris the Same?åÊ

No, they are very different from each other. Wall putty is made from White Portland Cement which is then mixed with water to make a paste, used to even out wall surfaces and smoothen it for optimal paint application.

Plaster of Paris is a white powder made from gypsum and is used to give new coats to the walls by instilling bewildering shapes or casts.

Which Putty is The Best – Acrylic or Powder?

Among the two, white powder cement putty is a clear choice. Here is why:

Acrylic PuttyåÊ White Cement Based Putty
This can only be applied to interior walls. It is applied both on interior and exterior walls.
It does not provide resistance to water. Highly water-resistant and helps the colour to last longer.
This putty tends to wear off within a year in terms of strength. This putty is strong and has an elongated lifespan.

Wall Putty – Technical SpecificationsåÊ


  • For interior and exterior plastered surfacesåÊ
  • Asbestos sheetåÊ
  • Mivan plasteråÊ

Suitable to be used onåÊ

  • Concrete blocksåÊ
  • Cement mortar blocks/bricksåÊ
  • Cellular concrete blocksåÊ
  • Fly ash bricksåÊ
  • Aerated lightweight blocksåÊ
  • Concrete hollow blocksåÊ

Product Description

  • Bring your aesthetically-approved walls to life with the Magicrete‰Ûªs Putty PlusåÊWall Putty.åÊThisåÊwall putty designis fabricated to cement your ideal design for your residence, be it matte, rough, or glossy. In addition, by using the Putty PlusåÊWall Putty, you won‰Ûªt need to pay for an extra primer application.åÊ
  • Whether you wish to paint a new wall or refurbish an old one, Magicrete‰Ûªs Putty PlusåÊWall PuttyåÊwill enclose the cracks and pinholes your existing walls may display and creates the smoothest surface for paint application. You can run your hand over it once it has dried and felt the evenness of the walls come to life.
  • It is essentially a polymer modified white cement-based wall putty which checks off the requirements demanded by the Housing Development Board(HBD), Singapore. What‰Ûªs more? This revolutionary product is manufactured with avant-garde technology. This meets the criteria for being the best putty for walls.


The wall putty cost is minimal compared to what you would spend on extra paint and primer.


This is dependent on three things:

  • Smoothness and evenness of the substrateåÊ
  • The thickness of mortar usedåÊ
  • Type of plaster done

The putty mixture should be added to 35-40% of water and not the other way round for the perfectåÊwall putty design, simple yet effective.

Wall Putty – Installation ProcessåÊ

Preparing the SurfaceåÊ

  • You must ensure that the application base is made smooth first for a smooth, putty application.åÊ
  • Use fresh water to dampen the surface for better application.åÊ


  • For every 1 kg of Magicrete‰Ûªs Putty Plus Putty Mixture, you will need 350-400 ml of water in a clean bucket. Do not pour the water into the powder; it should be the other way round.åÊ
  • Mix until you achieve a lump-free smooth mixture.åÊ
  • Leave it out for 10 minutes to settle.åÊ
  • Re-mix the paste for about 2 minutes.
  • Start applying within 40-50 minutes post the final 2-minute mix.

How to Apply

  • After you dampen the wall’s surface with clean water to get rid of any foreign particles, use a steel blade or a wall putty machine to apply the mixture with a thickness of 0.5-1 mm. Smoothen the surface until you get your desired texture.
  • Leave it to dry.
  • Apply the second coat using the same procedure at the same level of thickness, bringing the total putty level thickness to not more than 2mm.
  • For an extra step, smoothen with a steel trowel or sandpaper.
  • Wall putty designs are all the hype right now. If you need some ideas, look up wall putty design images, and you will come across the most popular ones.

Bottom Line

Investing in wall putty andåÊa low-pricedåÊwall putty machineåÊwill save you an ample amount of dollars because it protects the paint on your building from unexpected weather and ageing.

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