Environmental protection is one of the major concerns today. People look for eco-friendly options in almost every field. Even for the building construction, now constructors look for environ friendly and cost effective techniques and one of the options they have got is lightweight concrete blocks. These are much better than normal concrete not just in terms of weight, but also in terms of price and quality.

This is a waste recycling technique where concrete and other construction materials such as plaster and AAC bricks are made from waste material like pumice, fly ash, slag, clay or shale. All the material undergoes a heating process to create the blocks. The manufacturing process of AAC bricks or concrete also includes mixes of cement slurry and Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). The lighter weight of the final product is one of the benefits users get by opting for AAC construction material.

Some other features of light weight blocks, which give them an upper hand over normal blocks, are reduced mass, high density, better insulation and thermal properties. This also brings down the construction cost as the reduced mass of materials also minimizes the requirement of construction materials. AAC bricks manufacturers further make it more cost effective by offering customized solutions in terms of size and quantity of the blocks.

Based on the buyer requirements and porosity, the building blocks manufacturers offer three types of light weight blocks: Aerated Concrete, No-fines Concrete (NFC) and Light weight aggregate concrete (LWAC).

Remarkable benefits offered by light weight concrete:

  • Outstanding noise control properties make these blocks perfect for partition walls. If you are looking for sound barrier in your office or home, lightweight concrete blocks work excellent.
  • AAC blocks or light weight blocks have the capacity to withstand earthquakes.
  • Low thermal conductivity in these blocks makes them perfect thermal insulator. These bring down heating and cooling costs of the building and help the resident save money on electricity bills.
  • These blocks are easy to saw, drill and shape, which eases the construction work.
  • Their weather proof, termite resistant and fire proof nature makes them last longer and provide strength to the building.