India is seeing a rapid growth in hospitality sector since last few years and this growth is likely to increase exponentially in coming years. With government pushing economy through sustainable tourism industry and allowing FDI in hospitality sector there will be no slowing down of demand in coming years.

Hospitality and hotel industry are among most rapidly changing industries. Hotels has come long way and so is their construction. With rapidly changing architectural & design trends, category demand and necessity of being efficient, sustainable and green, it’s time for the industry to pay special consideration towards its construction.

In the past recent years Magicrete has been the construction partner of many hotel projects and has proved to be an apt material choice for such construction. Magicrete Building Solution provides broad category of products required to meet necessary demands of architectural design & sustainability in Hotel construction.

Magicrete’s AAC Block & Wall panels are LEED certified green building material made up of fly ash, a residue from steel manufacturing plant. AAC – Aerated Autoclaved Concrete is known for its construction & green benefits worldwide.

AAC blocks and panels have easy work ability and can be cut, drilled and worked around for any design specification. These blocks & panels are light weight and come in big sizes and can be adapted to any size required. AAC blocks also reduce the generation of solid waste during construction, minimize construction time, saves manual labor and fuel used for transportation.

AAC blocks and panels have excellent thermal efficiency and do not require any other insulation products used for maintaining ambient temperature and thus save power for huge setups like Hotels.

Magicrete AAC products have lot of potential to change the construction scenario for Hotel Industry.