With the new leadership taking responsibility of country˘â‚Ĵ™s economic and social development many new visions and schemes has come into picture. Recent one being ˘â‚Ĵ˜Housing for all by 2022˘â‚Ĵ™ proposed by Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. India is looking forward to have a ‘pucca house’ for every citizen by 2022, country˘â‚Ĵ™s 75th Independence anniversary year.

According to the recent research country˘â‚Ĵ™s current demand of ‘pucca house’ is of approximately 90 million* units! Out of which 19 million* units are required in urban areas only. 95.6%* of demand in urban areas in from Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Lower Income Groups (LIG).


Though the vision is known to have many policies related challenges, which can be resolved, the very concerning one we sense is the affordability of the houses. As discussed 95% of the housing demand comes from EWS & LIG the question lies how we can make the residential units affordable for these sections?


Do you know? Approximately 50% of house cost is just the material cost. So what if we cut the material cost and invest in affordable and effective material?

Magicrete AAC products are proved to be affordable, efficient and Eco-friendly building material. Magicrete AAC Pvt. Ltd. is helping Surat Municipal Corporation by supplying AAC material for low cost housing projects.

Cost saving aspects of AAC

Magicrete AAC Blocks weigh almost 80% less than conventional bricks which decrease the dead weight of the structure. Reduction in the dead weight of the building reduces the usage of steel and cement and in turn the material cost of the house. The use of Magicrete products such as MagicBond and MagicPlast further reduce the overall cost of the construction.

Besides this light weight of Magicrete cost helps reducing transportation, fuel and labor cost.

*Source ˘â‚Ĵ“ KPMG Report