Choose green product and improve social status
Everyone builds a home with love and care. We all want to use premium quality material and build a home that is strong, durable and looks beautiful from the inside and the outside. What you choose for you home reflects a lot about your personality. Every aspect and element that goes inside the home has a lot to say to the onlookers. The exterior beauty of the home leaves an impression on the onlookers which is why it is essential to use the finest material and ensure that your home is strong and pest free. You can now improve your social status with the use of right materials while building your home.
You can ensure that your home is strong and cost efficient with the use of AAC blocks. The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is light weight, durable building material that is available in a wide range of sizes and strengths. The AAC blocks are an ideal replacement for the traditional clay bricks. These blocks are light in weight, easy to transport and highly cost efficient. The blocks are used as a regular building material across various countries and are now introduced in India by Magicrete. The unique building material offers ultimate flexibility, durability and workability. It contains sand, water, cement, quicklime and gypsum as the main material. AAC contains about 60% to 80% of air by volume. The usage of these blocks for construction ensures that you save on cost and the construction proceeds at a quicker pace.
The blocks have an attractive appearance and are versatile, which allows you to achieve any type of design you may want. It also comes with exceptional thermal insulation qualities that help maintain the right temperature inside the house. During summer, it would keep the temperature cool and in winters, it would maintain the inner temperature to be warm. It helps you save in air conditioning load and reduce the consumption of energy. AAC is a nontoxic product which does not pollute the air, water or land. There are no by products in the manufacturing process of these blocks. The blocks are manufactured in a variety of sizes and strengths, which will allow you to choose whichever shape you want for your home. AAC blocks are pest resistant, fire resistant, earthquake resistant and sound proof. You can enjoy every season without any stress; the blocks are moisture resistant and will not allow the seepage of water inside the walls. Thus, there will be no impact on the exterior beauty of your home for many years to come.
Magicrete caters to a growing number of clients that regularly use AAC blocks for their construction projects. With the use of latest technology and quick service, Magicrete has been able to reach out to people across the nation and to bring awareness about the benefits of using this product. With increasing awareness, more and more builders and architects prefer to use AAC blocks in place of the traditional clay bricks and reduce the cost of construction.