Construction Manager
“A construction manager is not a person who can do the work better than his men; he is a person who can get his men to do the work better than he can.”- Frederick Smith
Agreeing to that, when it comes to building a construction site from the ground up, construction manager is by act and by work, one very important person. Further his involvement in proper execution of the project plan is huge and cannot be underestimated.
Getting into details of a building site, there are various tasks & operations to be carried out at various places. A construction manager or site manager ensures that these operations run smoothly and finishes on time. The involvement of the manager is from the preliminary stage, while getting plans on paper, till the end, ensuring the punctual and quality delivery of the project!
With such intense involvement in the composure of the site-operations, here are some of the things we think every construction manager should do when the site is being constructed.
1- Workout Every Morning to Be In Fresh Mood
The composure of the manager is reflected in his attitude, body language and overall presence. His work is not limited to the steady-development of the project but to make all the workers/labourers feel safe and secure as well.
Basically, to also provide an inspiring work culture. For that the construction manager needs to be in a refreshing mood himself.
2- Review Previous Day•Ùüè÷Ì¢å‫̢åãè÷s Work
For most projects, the success is the result of working towards completion of a construction site. The same steadiness also requires to review the previous day work, which also relieves stress from the environment.
Additionally, without really knowing about the previous day•Ùüè÷Ì¢å‫̢åãè÷s work, there can be redundancies in work allocation further reducing productivity of the entire strategy.
3- Schedule Current Day’s Work
Construction manager is responsible for managing various individuals in various roles.
His job requires him to hire unique set of staff to complete the project as per the client•Ùüè÷Ì¢å‫̢åãè÷s standard. Then he needs to ensure that all members of staff are managed effectively so the plans of the project is implemented well. He also needs to hire various contractors and suppliers.
With so much in hand, a proper allocated schedule can make the work at hand, easy to manage and also remove all unnecessary uncertainties.
4- Check Resources
A construction managers resources include time, talent, material and money.
No matter how big or small the construction site is, finally the outcome depends on how the allocation of resources is done. For that, there needs to be a proper algorithm to find the requirement at required time.
5- Communicate With the Stakeholders
Stakeholders are the people whose actions have a direct impact on the success of your project or your company.
Different stakeholders have a different way of working, priorities, interests and attitude. A proper communication ensures that they receive information that is relevant to their needs and builds an overall positive impression of your team.
Conclusion- Putting a construction project together is a really challenging effort. There are many parameters and elements that needs to be analysed before the start of the project. That’s why it’s important to have trust in the management, to take care of the completion, at the same time giving an opportunity to take your construction plan to a whole new level.