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How to Avoid Water Damage at Your Home

Few things are as stressful to homeowners as water damage. It can be sinister, that creeps into your house which you donÌ¢åÛåªt discover until itÌ¢åÛåªs too late and by then it has become a big, expensive problem. In the worst-case scenario, moisture has the potential to damage your home beyond reasonable repair. Moisture issues can lead to heavy structural consequences that include mold, wood rot, and even cracks in the foundation. If you are lucky and in the best-case scenario, youÌ¢åÛåªll catch the moisture seepage early and prevent it from spreading further. However, even small water leaks that let water into the house can eventually require major repairs to keep moisture at bay.

Therefore, the best way to deal to avoid water damage is to ensure that they never start or to find the vulnerable structural areas and waterproof them before the damage starts. At Magicrete, our team of experts works hard to bring you the best solutions-oriented entirely towards water damage prevention.

5 areas are most vulnerable to water seepage. That includes the foundation of the house, the bathroom and/or the kitchen, exterior walls, columns and beams, the roof, and the water tank.

Here are MagicShieldÌ¢åÛåªs complete waterproofing solutions that will help to avoid water damage at your home.

  1. Waterproof your Foundation:

Moisture from the ground can make its way through the foundation and into the walls of the house resulting in water leaks. MagicShield Unimix IW+ is an integral waterproofing admixture for concrete. It has surface-active plasticizing agents, polymers, and other additives which ensures that the concrete becomes cohesive & thereby highly resistant to water. For water damage prevention Unimix IW+ should be mixed with concrete and sand-cement mortar to be used in the foundation of your house.

  1. Waterproof your Bathrooms and Kitchens:

Due to the frequency and intensity of exposure to humid conditions, bathroom and kitchen waterproofing is essential to prevent structural, ornamental, and even human health-related damage. Left unattended, the moisture build-up can seriously degrade and destroy primary and secondary facilities. MagicShield BathPRO Advanced is a waterproofing coating for concrete structures that inhibits corrosion of steel and works as a great barrier against acidic gas, chloride ions, carbon dioxide, and water. It is applied in two coats by brush/roller. It is suitable for waterproofing bathrooms, toilets, water tanks, basements & drain culverts.

  1. Waterproof your Exterior Walls, Columns, and Beams

The outside of your house is your first line of defense against water damage. The exterior wall is a common vulnerable site for water leakage. Ensure that the exterior of your house is protected from the outside by waterproofing your walls using MagicShield WallPRO. It is an anti-corrosive waterproofing shield that provides a thick, seamless, and durable membrane that works excellently for water damage prevention. WallPRO can bridge cracks of up to 2 mm effectively providing protection against water leaks through the micro cracks. It is suitable for waterproofing all types of exterior surfaces like sunshades, exterior masonry, cement sand renderings, etc.

  1. Waterproof Your Roof

One of the primary purposes of a roof is to avoid water leaks inside the house and provide protection against excessive heat. Neglecting to waterproof your roof could lead to a whole multitude of water damage issues, the worst of which includes extensive water damage that could compromise the structure of your house. Most roofs have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Changes in climate and weather conditions damage roofs so you must periodically inspect to avoid water damage.ÌâåÊ MagicShield RoofPRO Advanced can be used as a 3 layer coating system for structures where high-performance waterproofing is a must. It provides protection against harmful UV rays and is highly abrasion-resistant. Cracks less than 2mm can be bridged using RoofPRO Advanced. It is suitable for roofs/terraces and podiums.

  1. Waterproof Your Water Tank

Concrete is not very flexible and tends to form cracks over time. Trying to repair an existing water tank is time-consuming. Water tanks are solely built to store water. Primary concerns regarding these structures are leakages, fungal growth, overhead seepage, this is why you must take robust waterproofing measures for your water tanks. Use MagicShield BathPRO Advanced to avoid water damage.

MagicreteÌ¢åÛåªs MagicShield range of waterproofing solutions offers superior waterproofing, crack sealing, and anti-corrosion solutions. Backed by continuous research and latest technologies, MagicShield waterproofing solutions are a lifetime investment to your homes, fighting with factors like aging and weathering, thus providing durability to your building structure.

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