The time is here again, where rains enhances the beauty of everything around us. Trees, flowers, weather, everything blossoms.
With everything looking so perfect, it can be a complete downer to see your walls with water patches, all corners creeping with water seepage. Every house is constructed with the best care and materials, although, sometimes due to material properties and human errors, things could go wrong and leave you worrying on a rainy day. The moisture and dampness due to seepage can also cause bacterial and fungal growth. This could further lead to a major damage in the walls of your home, spread allergies and also destroy the beauty of it, especially if you go through the same trouble year after year!
But don˘â‚Ĵ™t start fretting already, we have a tested solution for it ! MagicBlox (AAC Blocks) by Magicrete that helps to enjoy rain without any sort of stress !
To understand, how MagicBlox (AAC Blocks) stands out and revolutionized the construction industry, first we have to under the reasons behind water seepage.
1.) Due to capillary action- Capillary action is a process of the movement of liquid along or through the surface despite other factors like gravity, plaster, paint, bricks, etc. acting against it.
2.) Poor vent or roof- Many people in rain witness water infiltration due to poor structural designs of vent and roof, leaving empty minor areas for the water to cause damage. Especially when the roofs are completely flat here in India, whereas in western lands, there is a sloping roof.
3.) Poor waterproofing at the time of construction- Firstly waterproofing is no inexpensive task, and when due to the material flaws or human errors, these loopholes are left, it creates nothing but a trap for the owners of the house.
How can MagicBlox (AAC Blocks) can save you from this?

  • MagicBlox contain 80% air and therefore weigh 1/3rd of clay bricks. It is formed as a reaction of aluminium with the proportionate blend of lime, cement, gypsum & fly ash. Which makes your building lighter by reducing the amount of steel and concrete.
  • One of the biggest advantages of MagicBlox is that
  • water, in any circumstances, does not penetrate through the blocks.
  • Microscopic structure of MagicBlox does not allow for
  • capillary action, making it impervious to water.
  • Its water barrier properties are further enhanced by adding silicone based additives.
  • In contrast, water does penetrate through the red clay brick which could cause so much damage as discussed before.

Infact, as per a demonstrated recent study conducted on 10000 houses, it was found that using a single layer brick wall was the most extensive reason for water seepage.
Almost 90% of water seepage covered through cracks was in the plastered brick walls. The further problem can be due to humidity, rainfall or high-wind. Whatever be the situation, MagicBlox can resist everything!
What kinds of structures can MagicBlox (AAC Blocks) be used in?

  • Residential buildings,
  • Commercial complexes,
  • Offices,
  • Hospitals,
  • Hotels,
  • Educational institutes,
  • Industrial buildings
  • Infrastructures.

Additional advantage of MagicBlox (AAC Blocks)
Not just water resistance, it also shows excellent resistance against earthquake forces, tropical storms, fire, pest and sound.
Water looks good only when it comes out of taps, not when it drips from the ceiling. So, if you are refurbishing or constructing a new house, remember to only use MagicBlox (AAC Blocks) and Rakhe Seelan duur aur deewarein mazboot.
So, be proactive now because later bigger damage can also have bigger repair cost !