When you spend huge sums of your hard-earned money on floor or wall tiles, the last thing you would like to see is cracks appearing on them in due course of time. As replacing them is a costly and time-consuming affair, it is imperative for you to choose a suitable tile-laying adhesive that can make them last long.
MagicBond from Magicrete is such a revolutionary product that is increasingly being used nowadays in India to achieve this objective. It˘â‚Ĵ™s a polymer modified cement based adhesive that is specially developed for fixing both floor and wall tiles. Suitable for both internal and external applications, it offers unmatched water proofing and crack resistance properties.
Available in Standard (120), Elite (121) & White (122) versions, it is apt for a variety of applications areas, including internal and external walls, flooring, vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, cladding/walls, stones and glass mosaic. In addition, it offers a host of other features that sets it apart from other tile laying adhesives in the market like:

  • High bond strength (>3.4Mpa) that results in superior masonry strength and excellent load-bearing capacity.
  • Decreased heat transfer through walls.
  • Reduced material wastage as it is easier to apply
  • No shrinkage cracks as water is retained in the mortar

And, there˘â‚Ĵ™s more to MagicBond that meets the eye. Since the material is premixed, all you need to do is add the adequate quantity of water and start the tile laying process. This not only ensures consistent quality but also saves both time and effort, resulting in lesser cost and timely completion.