As the Prime Minister˘â‚Ĵ™s pet‚ project the ˘â‚Ĵ˜Swachh Bharat Abhiyan˘â‚Ĵ™ gains momentum, there is a renewed emphasis on exploring new ways to keep our cities and villages clean all round the year. Government bodies and NGOs are increasingly looking out for technologies that ensure generation of minimal waste and optimum utilization of resources.
Magicrete is playing a crucial role in this movement with its world-class products. By providing developers with quality AAC blocks, Magicrete is helping reduce the waste generation in the construction process drastically, and thereby, laying the foundation for cleaner cities. Similarly, owing to the ease of application,products like MagicPlast Ready Mix and Magicbond help keep the wastage to a bare minimum, resulting in lesser pollution. Similarly, Magic Precast is helping the relentless spread of slums in big cities by making low cost, affordable housing possible.
Moreover, Magicrete offers Magic Swachh Toilets, a revolutionary product that will go a long way in making sure that everyone has access to clean toilets across the length and breadth of India. Defecation in open areas is still very common in India, which leads to water pollution and several water borne diseases. In such a scenario, introduction of these toilets will help millions of Indians live a healthy life.