A rapidly growing India has seen a tremendous rise in population in the last three to four decades. Today, India is home to a staggering 1.3 billion people; and the number increases every minute!

While this population explosion extends varied opportunities, it also affects the living conditions and quality of life of the people in urban India. The increased prices of land and building materials have rendered housing in urban India unaffordable for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Lower Income Groups (LIG).

The 2011 Census estimated that the country would be short of almost 19 million houses during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Out of this, over 95% of this housing shortage is only in the EWS and LIG.

Use of affordable and low-cost housing is the only solution to this shortage. Magicrete Building Solutions, one of India’s leading manufacturers of AAC Blocks and Precast, aims to provide low-cost housing solutions to the increasingly urban parts of India.

With its innovative and advanced precast technology [http://precast.magicrete.in/about.php] Magicrete strives to make affordable housing a reality for the growing India. [To know more about Magicrete Building Solutions visit http://www.magicrete.in/]

The following are the advantages of using Magicrete Precast for affordable housing:

* In the Magicrete Precast per-fabricated construction, the components are ready made & self-supporting. This saves a lot of construction time.

* The mould for the precast components can be used again and again. This reduces the cost of mould per unit, and decreases the overall cost of the project.

* Magicrete precast ensures an increased productivity and results in a quicker execution too.

* Magicrete Precast reduces the work at site to minimum, thereby enhancing the quality of work, reliability and cleanliness. This will ultimately result in a faster return on investment.