Magicrete offers a wide range of innovative construction materials to make projects more efficient, less time-consuming and eco-friendly. This range includes walling blocks, precast products and dry mix mortars. All of these building solutions are smartly formulated or designed to minimize pollution, reduce costs of labor and transportation and to make structures more durable and resistant to heat, moisture, noise and pests. So, let’s take a look at how all these products help.


MagicBlox is a range of AAC blocks manufactured by Magicrete. These blocks are an efficient and cost effective alternative to clay bricks. They are lightweight, fire and mold resistant, insulating in nature and have a higher load bearing capacity. As a result of being larger and more evenly sized, they give walls a better finish.


Why use old school cement to join AAC blocks when MagicBond, a premix block joining mortar is more efficient and reliable? With a high volume and low density, MagicBond offers higher coverage, thus making its application more cost effective. It prevents water seepage and damp stains that are common during the monsoon season.


MagicPlast is a fiber reinforced plaster with excellent water repellent properties. With negligible silt content and a polymer base, it is resistant to cracks and has a long lifespan. Walls finished with this product require minimal maintenance and repairs. They look smooth and elegant as well.


PuttyPlus is the ideal base for wall painting. This product fills in the tiniest of pinholes and evens out undulations on walls to create a smooth, even surface. This improves the paint finish and keeps it from flaking over time.

MagicBond Tile Adhesive

When it comes to installing tiles on walls and flooring, MagicBond Tile Adhesive is easy to use and offers a more even finish than traditional cement slurry. The product has a higher open time and can be spread out in an even layer. This allows masons to perfect the tile positioning and achieve neat edges. The even layer of tile adhesive creates a strong bond between the tile and substrate, thus reducing the risk of cracks and chipping. They don’t allow tiles to sag in case of vertical applications.

Precast Products

Magicrete also offers a great range of precast products or building solutions made of precast concrete, including columns and beams, floor slabs, staircases, wall panels and infrastructure products such as storm water drains, cable trenches, box culverts and boundary walls. These are easy to assemble and customize and make the project run at a faster pace.

So, if you are looking to make the most of the latest inventions in the construction sector, choose Magicrete’s products and achieve better efficiency and results at a lesser cost.