Magicrete work culture
Magicrete Building Solutions is a frontline manufacturer of AAC blocks and a pioneer in green building materials in India.
The company was founded in India in the year 2008 by Sourabh Bansal, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, along with Puneet Mittal, a qualified CA and Sidharth Bansal, an IIT Delhi alumnus. It has a workforce of about 300 and growing. The company has two manufacturing plants – one in Navsari near Surat, the other in Jhajjar, Haryana.
The company’s employees engage in many activities that increase their morale and productivity.
Our first women employee was Dipali Mevada; she is now an Assistant Manager at Magicrete. She has been an integral part of Magicrete since 2009. Through Magicrete, she has always got support for her personal and professional life. We provide maternity leave for women and Dipali took hers to care for her son till he was three months old.
Mr. Ankit Sheladiya is seen as the charm of the company; he always carries a sense of positive attitude towards work. He is an AGM at Magicrete.  He is an active and enthusiastic member of the company since 2012. He doesn’t see the tasks as work but as his own business.
The Assistant Brand Manager at Magicrete, Sonal Patel has played a significant role in making Magicrete stand out from the rest. She began her career at Magicrete in 2013 where she was given a platform to transform innovative theoretical ideas into practical branding. Magicrete provides flexible work timings and makes sure that the work place is also a fun environment.
We are proud to have a team that never backs down from a challenge, and one such person is Mr. Hardik Naik, and we are proud to have him as our Executive in marketing. He joined in 2015 as the youngest employee at Magicrete, but his maturity at handling work is commendable. Magicrete is considered as one of the finest places to work not only because of our supportive colleagues but also because of the new opportunities we present before them.
No one is more qualified to be the Katappa of Magicrete than Mr. Birju Thakkar. He is the EA to our MD. He joined Magicerete in 2012 and has dealt with every department of the company. He has a plethora of knowledge on how Magicrete works.
It’s hard to find an employee who can take both responsibilities and criticisms with utmost respect, but Magicrete ticks that box with Mr. Nitin Khairnar. He is our AGM at marketing and has been a loyal employee since 2013. He is a perfect all-rounder and the go-to-guy for any project.
With the digital and technological revolution in our lives, it’s important to keep an active online portfolio. We are proud to have Mr. Mitesh Somani as our IT backbone and he has always had a unique perspective to tackling problems and keeping the whole system working day and night. He has been with us since 2012.
Magicrete wouldn’t be such a stable platform without our General Manager, Payal Rao. She is such a positive person that she creates a positive atmosphere at Magicrete. She initially found Magicrete a challenging workplace but quickly adapted to the company. Magicrete has become a learning platform with good leadership that embraces new talent.
The opportunities are endless for those who want to grow. Senior colleagues are supportive towards the junior employees, and the same goes for the management. The management has created a challenging and dynamic work environment for the employees.