Delay in completing construction projects is disadvantageous for everyone. While, builders•Ùüè÷Ì¢å‫̢åãè÷ profit margin reduces because of the rise in the prices of construction materials and labor cost, buyers don•Ùüè÷Ì¢å‫̢åãè÷t get the possession of premises on time, resulting in inconveniences and monetary losses. The general public also has to undergo a series of hardships like traffic problems and sound pollution for a longer period of time on account of this.

Use of Magicrete AAC blocks can change this scenario considerably. As these blocks are very light they•ÙüåâÌâåÊcan be quickly transported to the construction sites. Working with these blocks is a lot easier as common woodcutting tools such as saw and drills can be used on them. As these blocks come in large sizes in comparison to clay bricks, fewer blocks are required per installation, thereby, reducing installation time to a large extent. In addition, these blocks drastically reduce the role of masonry, and, thereby, cut down on time to finish.

In short, the use of Magicrete AAC blocks can be a perfect antidote for builders and buyers grappling with delays in project completion, and can spur rapid urbanization in India.