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Safety Operating Procedures Followed During Construction

In this blog, we will discuss the protective gear you need to wear while working on a construction site. Some of the equipment may be applicable even if you visit a construction site.

We all have been aware of the term PPE kits during COVID-19. PPE means personal protective equipment. These are to be worn by personnel working on a construction site.

We have two categories in this regard

  • Minimum PPE
  • Additional PPE

What are the minimum requirements for safety at a construction site?


A helmet is worn by people working and visiting a construction site. Therefore, the Helmet needs to be strong and specially made for construction sites.

Safety Glasses

Glasses are prescribed to protect your eyes from debris. There is a high amount of dust on a construction site, and it is always good to wear glasses. In addition, special black glasses are required for personnel involved in welding activities.

Hand Protection Gloves

As there is a lot of cutting involved in construction projects, hand gloves are essential for personal working in those areas of work. They are also used to protect your skin from construction chemicals.

Safety Vests

Safety vests make construction workers more visible. Safety vests are made of bright colors like red, green, yellow, etc., so anyone can see them in a debris-filled environment.

High Boots

Workers need to wear a 6-inch-high boot. Even the visitors will at certain places required to wear them. With concrete on the site, the possibility that your feet sink inside the floor is high. Also, the high boots protect the feet from construction chemicals.

Additional Equipment for Safety at Construction Site

Hearing Protection

There are a lot of sounds produced during certain phases of construction. It is therefore required for workers and visitors to wear hearing protective equipment. In addition, prolonged exposure to machine noises may reduce one hearing ability, and hence hearing protection is prescribed.

Respiratory Protection

Dust masks may be essential, esp. when the construction site is filled with dust in the air. In addition, certain building materials like asbestos, silica, and fine cement powders cause a lot of disturbance to your lungs. Therefore, respiratory protection is prescribed for workers and visitors for specific construction works.

Face shields

A full face may be required to protect the face in a high debris area. These are also used for welding purposes or spark-producing areas.

Safety Harness

A harness is used when you require free hands and are working in elevated corners of a construction site where you can fall off if you do not use your hands to catch strong support. Safety Harness is an attachment between a fixed and mobile object and is made of rope, cable, or locking hardware.

Mechanical Material Handling

Machines are often used for material handling. Therefore, it is good to have safe passages with operating protocols as to who will run and how many will operate the machine, along with the maximum loads that can be handled. Also, there must be proper certification of the person using this machinery.

Other Safety Implementations at Construction Site

  • Guard rails should be installed at elevated platforms, floor openings, and staircases.
  • Safety notes with yellow stickers are to be used where ever necessary.
  • Regular clearing of the working areas and passageways from waste and debris
  • Safety disposal of waste materials
  • First aid availability for burns, cuts, and chemical exposure should be on-site. Also, contact the ambulance from the nearest hospital for immediate treatment.
  • Fire extinguishers are placed at regular spacings on site to prevent significant fire mishaps.
  • Proper lighting on the site must be available, especially when the work is happening during the night.
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