Fast Moving World

Plenty of amazing inventions have been done by plenty of amazing scientists as well as people, by making connections and developing coherent understandings of how things in the world work!

From changing our way of communication to our addictions and health issues, technology has notched up every bit of our lives.

With all these permutations and combinations that happened during these advancements, many of our useful and valuable resources have been wasted, some almost to extinction.

But now with this awareness, we can put a stop to the wastage of resources that are also harming our environment.

In fact with our government also working for the same cause with the smart city idea, we can frankly use resources to their optimal use, without wasting them at all now.

 What Is A Smart City?

Before we dive deeper into Magicrete’s green solution to smart cities, we need to understand the terminology well.

A smart city is a city which is equipped with basic infrastructure to give decent quality of life, a clean and sustainable environment through applications of smart solutions.

This includes power management, water supply, waste management, law enforcement, urban mobility, IT connectivity, safety and security of the citizens.

With these criterias that needs to be served, it also becomes important to manage the cost and durability of these solutions.

One such Solution for smart cities is AAC Blocks (MagicBlox) by Magicrete.

Early in construction of urban houses, only red bricks along with cement was trusted. But advent of many new materials has brought significant changes in the concept of residential  buildings  in  India.  The  most basic building material, the brick, too, has witnessed a change. That change is AAC Blocks!

Now, as the awareness for pesticides, earthquakes and fire is increasing, AAC Blocks are being preferred by many people for building their homes and raising their walls.

AAC, which is a short form of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is revolutionizing the construction industry since past 3 decades. With a wildfire like awareness, more and more  people are understanding the benefits of using AAC Blocks and the capture percentage it has in the construction industry increases every year!

Why AAC Is A Smart City Solution ?

AAC clearing provides a better landscape to the consumers. Insisting strong on that, below are some of the features of Magicrete’s AAC Blocks (MagicBlox)

  • Water  Resistant: No  more  Water  Seepage  as  AAC  Blocks  does  not  allow Capillary Action.
  • Pest Resistant: Have a Pest and Termite free wall made of Inorganic material.

  • Excellent  Sound  Barrier: Enjoy  Sound  Sleep  with  the  wall  having  Sound Transmission Class rating of 440 DB.

  • High Thermal Insulation: Save Up to 30% Cost Of A.C

  • Fire Resistant: The melting point of AAC Blocks is over 1600 Degree Celsius which can resist fire up to 6 Hrs.
  • High Strength: Honeycomb Structure Provides highest strength to weight Ratio, Compressive Strength: 4N/ mm2

When It Comes To Cost of AAC Blocks (MagicBlox) :

If only the cost of bricks and AAC blocks is compared, AAC blocks prove costlier. However, when the cost of masonry is compared, AAC block masonry proves so much more cheaper than brick masonry. This is due to saving cost due to mortar in joints, in the thin plaster layer and when it comes to labor.

More details on that are given below:

Block vs Brick

So the superiority of AAC Blocks (MagicBlox) in construction is not just in terms of one or two factor, but every beneficial factor consumer or a builder can think of!

Clearing stating itself as a “Smart Solution For Current and Future Smart Cities!”