Laying tiles is an important step in the construction process. Tiles are used not only for flooring but also for walls in the kitchens and bathrooms. Traditionally, tiles were installed with cement slurry but today, many developers and builders are replacing this with wall and floor tile adhesive. Here are some of the benefits that have driven the change.

Easy to use

Tile adhesive only needs to be mixed with water before it is to be used. It can then be easily applied with a notched trowel. The tiles do not need to be soaked before they are installed. Thus, it is easy and convenient to use and makes tile installation quicker as well.

Optimum Setting Time

Tile adhesive has a 60-minute potting time. This means that once the mason has spread it on the substrate, it can be adjusted and smoothened. This ensures an even layer of tile mortar below the tiles. In turn, this reduces the risk of cracking as there are no gaps under the tile. Evening the adhesive layer also prevents efflorescence and water seepage around the edges. That’s not all, it also improves the aesthetic finish of the tiles by giving masons the time to adjust the tile position and align them perfectly.

Multiple Uses

The traditional cement slurry is limited in terms of materials it can be applied to. However, tile adhesive doesn’t have such limitations. It can be used to install tiles on cement or concrete substrate as well as drywall and polished surface. Tile cement can be used for interiors as well as exteriors. Depending on the type of tile adhesive, it may be used to install ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, stone or even glass mosaic tiles.

Magicrete Tile Adhesive

Magicrete is one of the most well-known tile adhesive manufacturers in India. This cement-based adhesive has added polymers that give it high bonding strength, shrink resistance and excellent waterproofing properties. The brand offers four different types of tile adhesive for interiors and exteriors.

While Standard tile adhesive can be used to install up to 1’x1′ ceramic and vitrified tiles, Elite tile adhesive can be used to install larger format ceramic and vitrified tiles as well as stone tiles. Premium Tile Adhesive Suitable for large format tiles or marble, granite or stones, is a high-grade tile adhesive with high bond strength and high Sag Resistance. For marble and glass mosaic tiles, White tile adhesive is the ideal solution. This not only has a high bonding strength but also enhances the tile’s aesthetic appeal.