Keep your Wall pest free
The wall of your home could be infected by pests and destroy the exterior as well as interior beauty. Every home leaves an impression based on its exterior beauty, in terms of the strength, durability and the paint. A wall could be infected by pests due to the change in weather and the pests could keep increasing over the same area of the wall. Thus, the beauty of your home could be destroyed and it could give a negative impression to onlookers. You can now ensure that your wall remains pest free, with the use of versatile and cost efficient AAC blocks.
An ideal replacement for traditional clay bricks, the AAC blocks are light in weight and produced in a wide range of sizes and strengths. These blocks are three times lighter than the red bricks and are easy to transport to the place of construction. AAC blocks are most used for building materials across Europe and are gaining importance across different nations in the World. It is an excellent building material due to its characteristics that are advantageous in the long term. It offers an opportunity to increase the building quality and decrease the cost of construction. The unique building material consists of sand, water, quicklime, cement and gypsum. There are various benefits of using the AAC blocks for construction in your home. The blocks are versatile and light in weight, which makes them easier to transport. These blocks offer fire resistance of up to 6 hours and are sound proof. They reduce the absorption of sound to a large extent which is the main reason behind its use in the construction of auditoriums, hotels, studios, hospitals, etc. The blocks are ideal for pest resistance since it consists of an inorganic material which helps avoid termites, losses or damages.
Since the blocks are easy to handle, they help fasten the process of construction. Ordinary tools of construction can be easily used to cut and align the blocks. They are available in a variety of sizes and strengths which allows you to choose the most appropriate size for your building. The versatile blocks are superior in terms of the strength and give higher stability as well as improve the structure of the building. Another characteristic of the block is earthquake resistance, which gives a higher steadiness in the construction of the structure of the building. Using the AAC blocks will make your building reliable, safer and help in cost savings.
Magicrete offers complete walling solutions to all your needs. It provides premium quality AAC blocks that are available in a variety of sizes and strengths. It caters to various clients across the country and aims to expand the market. Using the latest technology and manufacturing an alternative to the clay bricks, Magicrete has successfully managed to change the Indian construction industry and helps build stronger and cost efficient buildings. It has a quick delivery and an efficient after sales service for the customers.