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Tile Adhesive and Its increasing demand in India.

From residential projects to commercial and institutional projects, tiles play an important role in finishing the interiors. They are crucial in areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. Tiles can be installed on any type of brick or concrete wall or floor. What is important is to install them in the right way.

If attention is not paid during the installation of tiles, their life span can be shortened considerably and they may look untidy. For example, if the tiles are not laid side by side at the same level, gaps will appear in the grouting. In the case of tiles installed in bathrooms, this can also allow water to seep into the floor and walls.

Why do you need tile adhesives?

This is where tile adhesives come in. Tile adhesives are construction solutions designed specifically to install tiles on floors and walls. They can be used on many different types of tiles including ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, marble and granite tiles, and even glass mosaic tiles.

Tile adhesives have a number of advantages as compared to traditional cement slurry used to install tiles. One of the first differences between tile adhesive and cement slurry is that the former is much easier to work with. It allows masons to apply an even layer of the adhesive over which the tiles can be placed. A higher open time allows tiles to be positioned perfectly and adjusted if need be, to create a clean grout line. Tile adhesive has higher bond strength as compared to cement slurry. Also, since it is applied in an even layer, there are no gaps or air pockets between the substrate and the tiles. Thus, the tiles have a low risk of moving from their place or cracking. When used to install tiles on walls, the adhesive has a high sag resistance. This means that the position of your tiles will not be affected by gravitational pull. Overall, tile adhesive is also more budget friendly and causes less wastage.

Magicrete and tile adhesives

Magicrete offers 4 different types of tile adhesive. These are differentiated by the type of tile they should be used with. The Standard tile adhesive may be used to install ceramic tiles while the Elite tile adhesive is better suited for vitrified tiles. The Magicrete Premium tile adhesive should be used for large tiles and marble or granite tiles. If youÌ¢åÛåªre installing glass mosaic or Italian marble, the White tile adhesive is the ideal solution. To learn more about the different types of tile adhesive and their characteristics, visit

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