Given its adaptability and resilience, tiles are important not just for flooring but also for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls. The best way to install these tiles is by using tile adhesive. Formulated from a combination of graded sand, cement, and added polymers, this adhesive has a high bonding strength and can be used to install tiles on concrete, cement or wooden substrate. As compared to traditional mortar, it has several advantages.

Tile Adhesive is premixed in a factory environment and undergoes stringent quality controls. It is easy to use and minimizes the mess created on-site. This tile mortar is ready to use as soon as it has been mixed with water. It can then be applied with a notched trowel. The slurry dries at an even pace and thus gives masons time to even it out. Unlike traditional slurry, it does not sag on vertical surfaces and hence holds tiles in the exact position that they were placed. Besides, tile adhesive has self-curing properties and is water-retaining. This keeps it from shrinking as it dries.

Magicrete is one of the most well-known tile adhesive manufacturers in India. Realizing that different types of tiles need different types of adhesives, Magicrete offers 4 tile adhesive variants; Standard, Elite, Premium, and White.

  • Standard Tile Adhesive

This may be used to install ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles on flooring as well as walls. These tiles are typically used for interior projects. It has a 60-minute pot life and sets within 24-hours.

  • Elite Tile Adhesive

Elite tile adhesive can be used to install ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, glass mosaic, and stones. One of the advantages it has over standard adhesive is that it has higher sag resistance and hence can be used to install large tiles as well as small tiles.

  • Premium Tile Adhesive

Premium tile adhesive can be used for large format tiles or marble, granite or stones, it has a high-grade tile adhesive with the high bond strength and high Sag Resistance. It prevents shrinkage cracks, material wastage, is long-lasting.

  • White Tile Adhesive

This is the best tile adhesive for marble and glass mosaics. Along with having a high bonding strength, this tile mortar is based on white cement that boosts its aesthetic appeal.