ENVIRONMENTGreen buildings don’t need any introduction now. Today almost everyone is aware about the green buildings and the materials used in constructing these buildings. These green building materials not only speed up the construction process, but also have various other benefits. These products are equally beneficial for the environment, occupiers and the surroundings. Sustainable buildings constructed by green building materials have limited consumption of natural resources.

Find below some of the benefits of green buildings and the material used in their construction:

Cost: As far as direct cost of construction material is concerned, it might bear a bit extra price, but if the life of the building is to be considered, it is much lower. Green building materials like lightweight concrete blocks are suitable for every type of building: school, office and residential building. In terms of the energy saving and building maintenance, these buildings help you get 10 times more saving on most of the investment.

Temperature regulation: Green areas of Eco-friendly buildings like green roofs and rain gardens enable the buildings cope up with the heat created by the toxic materials like asphalt and concrete on roads.

Energy efficiency: Urban people are worried with the high electricity bills due to excessive use of air conditioners and heaters in different weathers. In country like India, green building material help people get energy efficient home and reduce electricity bills. This also makes green buildings cost effective.

Maintenance: This is one of the major advantages of green buildings. Owners need to spend very less time, efforts and money on maintenance of green buildings. For instance regular exterior painting is not required for these buildings. Furthermore, these buildings are safe from termite and pest, so you can also save money spent on pest control.

Better indoor environment: Traditional construction materials which are prone to risk of termite and pesticides are not safe to live. Further paints and high concentration of pollutants create different diseases like headache and allergies. Green buildings made from Eco friendly light weight concrete and joining adhesive are completely safe and have healthy atmosphere for the residents.

So, you can see that green buildings are beneficial from cost, environment and health point of view.