Every house is constructed with the best care and materials, although, sometimes this could go wrong and leave you worrying on a rainy day. Come monsoon and the trouble of water seepage begins. This could lead to a major damage in the walls of your home and destroy the beauty of it. In the long term, it could become difficult to cover the damage done by water seepage into your walls. Although monsoon is the most awaited period in the year, it brings a lot of trouble if the structure of the house is not checked in advance. If you go through the same trouble year after year, we advise you to use water resistant AAC blocks and enjoy the rain without any stress.

AAC blocks are light in weight and made from lime, sand, cement and water. They are easy to work around with and much lighter than bricks, which makes your building lighter by reducing the amount of steel and concrete. They also do not consume a large amount of electricity and are easy to transport. One of the biggest advantages of AAC blocks is that water does not penetrate through the blocks. Microscopic structure of AAC block does not allow for capillary action, making it impervious to water. Its water barrier properties are further enhanced by adding silicone based additives. In contrast, water does penetrate through the red clay brick which could cause trouble to your building in the long term.

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AAC blocks are a developing product across many Countries, the environment friendly construction material results in the strong thermal insulation of the walls. It is resistant to earthquakes and are manufactured using European innovation. The blocks are highly recommended for use in high rise buildings due to the light weight and the ease of transportation. These blocks are designed with special care that ensure no seepage of water or damage to the walls. If you have had difficulties in the months of monsoon, it is highly recommended that you use the AAC blocks for the construction of your home or office. Using the right materials will not only ensure longevity, but also ensure that you face no troubles in any weather. AAC blocks can be used in all types of structures- residential buildings, commercial complexes, offices, hospitals and hotels, educational institutes, industrial buildings and infrastructures.

The blocks are fire resistant and have a porous structure, which makes it ideal for your use. It consists of macro pores that are evenly distributed throughout the material, this is the reason that the absorption of water in the material is minimal. In the case of an earthquake, the blocks will provide complete safety to the entire building. AAC blocks are considered ideal for the construction of high rise buildings, they provide complete safety and security from any form of damage. If you are building a house or refurbishing your house, make sure that you use AAC blocks and remain stress free during the months of monsoon.
Enjoy the rainy season without any worries!