Grouting is an integral part of the tile installation process. It can also help you to make your flooring look its best. Learn more about grouting by going through this article.


When installing tiles, it is essential to do tile grouting and choose the right type of grout. It is a vital tile installation part, and it can make a huge difference when you choose the right grout. Grouting helps the installation process to perform and look remarkable. If you are adding tiles to your house, you need to understand grouts and their types.

What Are Grouts?

All tiles use grout to fill up the tile seams in between. Regardless of the type of tile, it is essential to fill up the tile seams with materials that allow the moisture from seeping down to the underlayment.  

Most grouts are a combination of cement, colour pigment, and lime, and in some cases, it is also mixed with sand. Grout helps to lock the tiles tight in place, prevent water from getting in the tiles, and provides the floor with the best finishing look. There are various benefits that tiles with grout provide, such as:

  • Provides the floor with a finished look.
  • Prevents dirt from getting under the tiles.
  • Strengthens the tiles by adding rigidity.

Lighter Or Darker Grout: Which One Is Better?

The tile grout colour depends on your preferences, but if you have tiles with different shades, there are various options that you can choose for the colour of the grout. When you use a light colour for the grout, it will blend in with the design. Choosing darker colour will assist you in making a dramatic effect.

If your goal is to unify the titles, for instance, with the wooden look, you should choose a slightly lighter grout than the tile. To highlight the colour in the tiles, choose a close match to the tile shade you have. The grouts can darken over time in the high-traffic areas. The most appropriate option to go for is to choose a darker grout.

How Do Grouts Help to Make House Look Modern?

If you want to modernise the flooring, you should opt for the tile grout epoxy. You can enhance the look of your flooring both indoors and outdoors by using epoxy grouting. The adhesiveness of the grout will allow you to create several patterns, and the good thing is that they will stay in place.

You can also add a colourful grout to create the floor’s main pattern; there are various options of grouts that you can choose according to the tiles and your preferences.

What Is the Easiest-To-Clean Grout Color?

The easiest-to-clean tile grout color is a neutral shade like the beige tone or grey. These colours are the most common choices for both bathroom and kitchen tiles, and the good thing about the grey colour grout is that the tile grouting powder used to manufacture these tiles makes it easy to clean and demands less maintenance as they always look good as new.

The white colour of the grout is demanding to keep it look fresh and good. The better option is to go for the grey grout because it blends subtly, and you will not have to invest much of your time in it.

Why Is Good Color Combination Critical For Grouting?

Grout can either make or break the look. If you have grey tiles, the most critical thing to keep in mind is the location of the tiles. Some grout colours are easy to clean, and some colours are tough to clean and need more maintenance. We have written down some of the best colours that you can choose for your grey tiles.

  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Off-white
  • Dark grey
  • Light grey
  • Charcoal

Tips To Make Your Grout Look Beautiful

Grouting is known to be a rewarding task. It is the final step to do when installing the tiles. There are various benefits you will get, such as it can help you make your floor look better. However, you need to choose the best combination and grout colour to get that modernized look. Below are some of the best tips to make grouting look professional:

Do Not Spread Grout At Once

Humidity and temperature will affect the hardness after spreading it on the wall. And once the grout begins to harden, you will have to make it quick and clean up the tiles and shape up the joints before the grout hardens. You can avoid this issue by grouting in the small areas.

You should start by spreading the grout for about a 3×3-ft area. Make sure to finish grouting, shaping the joints, and cleaning each section before going for other areas. The best tile grout powder can help you achieve perfection in the task.

Push the Joints Into The Grout

You should make sure that all of the joints are filled with grout as it is the best way to get a long-lasting grout. You will have to make several passes in the same area from various directions by applying the tile grout.

Tooling the Joints

You should compact and shape the grout. You can do it by dragging the tool across each joint. You can use various tools, such as the grout float’s rounded corner. You can also use the handle end of the toothbrush.  


These are all the essential information about grouts. Magicrete is the best company that can help you with great tile grouts. Choosing a professional company is also critical to have professional flooring. Magicrete has been in this field for long, and their solutions will help you modernize the look of your house.