Vaastu has been known as one of the most effective and widely used traditional sciences for setting home and office spaces for years. According to its directional rules, through Vaastu, one can experience constant good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

Vaastu Shastra (as it is known traditionally) is an ancient Indian science that is based on the arrangement of furniture, plants, and other elements usually found within any indoor environment in the right direction that is conducive to positive influences on home life or/and the business. This also includes avoidance of certain arrangement patterns that are unfavorable to the happiness and prosperity of your family. One can say that Vaastu Shastra is the Indian equivalent of the Chinese Feng Shui.

Following Vaastu tips for your homes and offices is crucial so that you can keep bad luck and misfortune away and allow the positive vibrations to bring satisfaction to your work and family life equally.

Vaastu Shastra is a science that is prevalent all over India and is a study that is believed by people across the nation. Everything that is specified in the Vaastu Shastra has a scientific reason behind it, and nothing that it specifies is an outcome of blind faith or illogical misconceptions.

Although there are several rules encompassed by Vaastu, there are a few Vaastu tips that you need to remember and implement in the interior design of both your home and office.

Vaastu Tips For Home and Office to Improve Happiness and Productivity

1) Treat a home like a home and an office like an office:

You must keep a distinct separation between your workplace and home elements. Your office should not have any of the home-related elements in there such as having dinner, any pets, TV, or any other thing that you associate with the home environment. Similarly, you should not carry your work home with you. The reason is that Vaastu requires that the office and home energies do not mingle with each other, thus interfering with one another effectiveness.

2) North Is Up and Up Is Progress:

Your home or office should always be located in the north direction. According to Vaastu, the North is considered to be an auspicious direction that is conducive to progress and happiness. Therefore, when you are looking to buy a house or an office space, it is favorable to buy one that is located in the North direction.

3) Fire up the Energy in The South-East:

According to Vaastu, the South-East of your home and office represent fire elements which are symbolism of energy, enthusiasm, industriousness, and pro-activeness. This is the direction that is best suited for keeping your work-related electronics, especially your computers and your lamp. This goes for both your office space and your home. You can perhaps have the children’s study room or the library in the South-East direction of your house to ensure maximum productivity. However, positively avoid placing water elements such as a fountain in the South-East direction.

4) Keep It Clutter-Free:

Clutter in your home or office represents confusion, chaos, and trouble which emanates a bit of negative energy. In fact, this can be tested on a personal level as whenever your room is cluttered, you cannot focus on the job properly and cannot get it done right, on time. According to Vaastu Shastra, the negative energy emanating from the clutter interferes with your productivity, and hence, cluttering of a room or a workspace should be avoided at all costs.

5) Brahmasthan, the Centre:

Brahmasthan, which is the centre of your house or office, is always to be kept empty and hence, free of obstacles. Working right in the middle of your house/office is bound to bring conflicts, pressure, and problems in your work as well as your personal life.

6) Further the Toilet, the Better it is:

According to the Vaastu Shastra, a toilet signifies bad energy for obvious reasons. Therefore, the location of your toilet should not be next to the wall of your work desk in your home or office. In fact, the lavatory should be away from any points of positive influence in your home.

7) Fountain in the North-East:

The North-East corner of your home or office requires a water element such as an indoor fountain. That will spread positive energy and help you focus better on your work. The water element in Vaastu is considered a positive influence. And it has significance in bringing positivity to your work and personal life. It should not interfere with other positive elements and hence, should be located in the right place.