Walls are the most visible areas of your home, whether they are external or internal. Thus, the finish on your walls sets the tone for your home. You may have custom designed furniture and polished marble flooring but if the paint is flaking from your walls, your home will look shabby instead of stylish. To keep this from happening, your walls need a little extra care.

What should you do?

Just a layer of plaster over bricks and cement may not be enough to give your walls a smooth finish. Even with plaster, there will still be undulations, cracks and pinholes that will affect the wall finish. Hence, once the plastering is done, a layer of putty is needed to make the walls smooth. Ideally, you should apply two coatings of wall putty. To mix the pre-mixed putty, water should be gradually added to the putty till the desired consistency is achieved. This should be applied in even upward strokes. The first coat should be allowed to dry for 3-4 hours before a second coating is applied. The second coating will have to be dried overnight. It may then be sandpapered to make it smooth, so that there are no bumps or undulations.

In case of repainting walls, the first step is to remove all the existing layers of paint. Plaster must then be used to fill in any cracks and holes in the walls. After this plaster has dried, two layers of putty may be applied to finish the surface of the wall.

Applying a layer of wall putty before painting can give the perfect base you need. The paint applied on this surface will be smooth and even. Once the paint dries, you will not have to worry about it flaking off. Thus, your home will look elegant and well finished for years.

Magicrete and wall putty

Magicrete offers a polymer modified white cement based wall putty known as PuttyPlus. This premix mortar is easy to use and can be treated as a base coating for interior and exterior wall painting. It bonds well with the substrate and gives walls a smooth finish. PuttyPlus is resistant to water and the harmful effects of UV radiation from the sun. Thus, it will prevent seepage and damp stains even during the monsoon season. Depending on the wall finish, it offers a coverage ranging from 12 to 155sqft.