For most people, building a house is the ultimate dream project. Unlike your furniture or crockery, you are unlikely to get a new house every few years. Thus, the house you build must stand strong against natural elements and wear and tear. Every building project must maintain a balance between costs and quality. You can let go of designs and looks, but, quality must never be sacrificed for lower costs. Here are a few reasons why you must always choose the best quality raw materials for your house.
Pay Now to Save Later
The shelf life of an element in your home is directly proportional to its quality. For example, if you use inferior quality plaster, you will notice it peeling within a short period of time. This will mar the beauty of your home and you will eventually have to re-plaster your walls. In such cases, you will not only spend money on the new plaster but will also have to engage labor to remove the old plaster completely and re-plaster the walls. So, how about using MagicPlast instead •Ùüè÷Ì¢å‫̢åÛåÏ it binds well, is easy to work with and can lead to a substantial drop in long-term maintenance costs. The price difference is a small cost to pay to be stress-free.
A Clean Finish
Even when the exposed brick style was trending, the bricks used to build the wall were first plastered and finished with putty before a faux brick texture was created on the walls. One of the reasons for this is because raw bricks do not look neat. Sometimes, even plastering is not enough to give the walls a clean finish. Thus, do not take a short cut but follow your plastering with a layer of PuttyPluswall putty from Magicrete. This polymer-modified white cement covers the pinholes and unevenness of the plaster to give your wall a smooth finish.
Stick to Your Project Timeline
Often, buying the cheapest product causes unnecessary delays in your project timeline. For example, you may buy a cheap tile adhesive only to realize after it has been delivered to your site and it can only be used for external applications. Thus, you will have to send it back to the manufacturer and reorder new supplies. This causes unnecessary delays and extends your timeline. On the other hand, if you place your trust in quality materials like the MagicBond by Magicrete, the same tile adhesive can be used for internal and external applications. Thus, you save money and your project gets completed in time.
Reliable Warranties
A company that retails quality merchandise will spend years improving their product and fine-tuning the details. It took years of R & D for Magicrete to develop the AAC Blocks as a replacement for normal clay bricks. These blocks have better insulation and can take heavier loads but are more lightweight as compared to traditional bricks. On the other hand, companies that focus only on maintaining low costs, do not put in as much of an effort to improve their product. Thus, you will not be able to get the latest technology and might end up using material that is outdated.
Better Service
A company that offers good quality materials knows that every time their products are used, their brand value is put at stake. These companies do not want people to have complaints about their products or to speak against their products. Hence, if you put in a service request, they will respond to it promptly. The after sales service, onsite inspections and replacement policies offered by these companies are far superior to those offered by companies retailing cheap products. For example, if you need help understanding how to use the dry mortar mix by Magicrete, help is always just one phone call away. Training sessions for masons are often available as well.
Sustainable Construction
Choosing high-quality building materials is good not only for you but for the environment as well. A house built with good quality bricks, cement, mortar etc will need less maintenance as compared to a house built with poor construction materials. This will help you save costs and by reducing the need to replace elements often, it will also help reduce your carbon footprint. That•Ùüè÷Ì¢å‫̢åãè÷s not all; high-quality construction materials such as the AAC blocks are also manufactured in a more eco-friendly way as compared to traditional clay bricks. In fact, Magicrete is a pioneer in eco-friendly building materials and their AAC blocks are robust, reliable and offer many advantages like resistance to heat, noise, fire and pests.
So, when you get down to building your dream home, ensure that you invest in the right materials. After all, you aren•Ùüè÷Ì¢å‫̢åãè÷t going to build a house every day.