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Why is 3X Tile Bonder the Best When tilling A Floor?

MagicBond 3X Tile Bonder is an on-site mix additive ideal for fixing different types of floor tiles. This tile bonder exhibits superior water retention properties, thereby reducing the absorption of water into porous substrates. This additive strengthens the tiles by up to 3X; lending improved workability to the cement.

Three hundred grams of MagicBond 3X Tile Bonder is adequate for 50 kilos of cement.

Features of MagicBond 3X Tile Bonder

  • This on-site mix offers easy and improved adhesion
  • 3X Tile Bonder has excellent water retention properties, thereby preventing the absorption of water
  • 3X Tile Bonder can be applied with both white and grey cement
  • It involves lesser setting time and enhanced adjustability, even at high ambient temperature

Why is 3X Tile Bonder preferred for floor tiling?

  • Excellent bonding and better cement workability

MagicBond 3X Tile Bonder offers superior bonding properties, across types of substrates, as compared to the traditional machan. This versatile adhesive is ideal for ceramic, vitrified, and other types of tiles, imparting up to 3X more strength. This way, it provides better cement workability, giving your home a coating of quality and durability.

  • Easy to use

MagicBond 3X Tile Bonder is easy to use and involves reduced setting time. It checks and minimizes wastage of masonry material. Owing to its water retention and self-curing properties, this adhesive helps to prevent shrinkage cracks.

In conclusion

Magicrete offers four variants of tile adhesives Ì¢åÛåÒ Standard, Elite, Premium, and White, with each differing in the application in terms of type and size of the tile. For instance, the Standard variant is suitable for both vitrified and ceramic tiles to be used on the walls and floors.

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