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Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Tile Adhesive

Adhesives can be categorized into two types Ì¢åÛåÒ thin-set mortars and premixed adhesives. Of the two, choosing the right kind of adhesive will depend on the type of tile that you are looking for and the surface of the application.

This article seeks to give you a fair idea about the type of adhesive that you must use. Make sure you are thorough with the manufacturerÌ¢åÛåªs guidelines when you buy the tiles, as some may require you to use only a particular kind of adhesive. Read on to know more:

Thinset mortars

If you want to install tiles on the floor, this is the adhesive type you should consider. Thinset mortar helps to install tiles in areas that are either wet or frequently subject to heating. Moreover, a strong yet flexible bond coupled with its high weight-bearing ability is why thin-set mortar is the best bet when it comes to tiling the floor.

That being said, remember that thin-set mortar is not available in premixed containers. Therefore, you will have to know how to mix it with water and produce the desired consistency, a process that is fairly simple.

Premixed adhesive

This variant is usually used for tiling the walls, considering the glue begins to attach itself as soon as it comes into contact with the tiles. This prevents the tiles from slipping and breaking during the process of installation.

When it comes to premixed adhesives, organic mastics are the most commonly used. However, if the tiles are located outside in the open or could be subject to heat on a regular basis, it is best advised to keep off organic mastics.

Also, remember that while it is safe to use adhesives for tiles that are subject to indirect moisture — the tiles outside the shower, for instance; they should not be used for tiles that are frequently exposed to direct moisture. This includes the walls or flooring inside the shower.

Magicrete has on offer four types of tile adhesives Ì¢åÛåÒ Standard, Premium, Elite, and White. You should zero in on one depending on the type and size of tiles. For instance, white adhesive is essentially cement-based, and therefore a good fit for glass mosaic tiles.

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