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6 Simple Ways to Waterproof Your Roof

The change in weather makes it struggling to maintain the good build of the structure of your house. The roof offers insulation and protection to your house to cope up with the monsoon weather. Thus, a cracked or leaking roof is enough to disrupt the structure of your home. Often, the room’s dampening leads to the weakening of the house construction, which can result in the breaking of the roof.

Also, a damp or damaged roof is not going to insulate your home properly during heavy snowfall or precipitation.

So, what is the most useful measure to adopt? Well, it‰Ûªs waterproofing. So, here are the 6 simple steps to waterproof your roof.

Step 1: Clean the surface area of your roof

Due to heavy rain or snowfall, dead leaves and branches can accumulate in your roof area. And it causes waterlogging in your roof area, which can damage the structure of your roof. At the same time, the dry leaves can cause debris to build upon your roof‰Ûªs surface.

So, the first step you need to take to waterproof your roof is the precise and complete cleaning of your roof area. Remove all the dead branches and leaves on your roof. At the same time, you need to trim all the trees close to your roof area. Keeping trees near your terrace can lead to debris build-up on your roof and make it vulnerable to rough weather. Thus, it is going to ensure that there are no falling branches that are going to harm your roof.

Step 2: Get rid of all the damaged shingles

In case you are having curled, missing, or damaged shingles on your roof, it can lead to water seeping through your terrace. This dampening or moisture can enter your room and dampen the atmosphere of your home. At the same time, it can cause mold and mildew, which will lead to more expense for your home renovation.

Removing all the shingles can help you with retaining the well-being of your roof at an early stage. In case you are doing it on your own, you can remove 3-4 damaged shingles easily. However, availing of the help of a professional will help you in removing more shingles.

Step 3: Start with adding insulation to your attic area

The goal of waterproofing your roof is not only to save your roof area from rain and snowfall but also to provide proper insulation to your home so that you can retain the heat in your interior space to get adequate warmth during the time of harsh winters and snowfall.

Also, it helps you limit the extricate temperature fluctuations in your home, which can ruin your roof’s warp structure. So, opt for adequate insulation in your attic area to ensure proper heat control.

Step 4: Apply seam tape to your seam area

In case you have a concrete roof, there are chances for the water to seep through the exterior of your roof. Thus, seeping in of water may damage the structure of both your ceiling and the wall adjacent to it. It’s better not to opt for the risks and switch to the sealing of the seam area.

Apply seam tape to the seam area by putting intense pressure to cover all the areas’ potential for water seeping. Also, make sure you are using a complete seal with strong adhesive tape.

Step 5: Put a layer of water repellent

To prevent the rainwater from seeping in through your roof area, a water-repellent layer can be one of the effective waterproofing solutions. It will create a layer over your roof to facilitate waterproofing of the surface.

At the same time, it ensures the roof’s longevity by giving an additional cover over the surface area of the concrete roof. Skipping this step may make you pay more later, so keep a note of it.

Step 6: Consider heat tapes for the gutter areas

To ensure top-notch waterproofing of your roof, it is vital to add heat tape to your roof’s gutter areas. It helps in warming up the gutters adjacent to your terrace and, at the same time, ensures proper passing of the snow and water in the cold and rainy months.

Thus, it retains the strength and sturdiness of your roof area. Also, it is useful for preventing buckling or ice formation in your gutters.


Waterproofing your roof helps you to increase the longevity of your home structure. Thus, it gives you better savings to your pocket as it reduces your home renovation costs and renders a happy home forever.

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