Building materials have evolved significantly over the years. Today, though brick and cement are still widely used, there are a number of other alternatives available in the construction industry. The industry has had an open mind towards innovative products. This may be contributed to a shift in the thought processes towards finding construction materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly while being cost effective and meeting high quality standards.

Some of the alternatives to brick and cement introduced to the Indian market include AAC blocks, block joining mortar, ready mix plaster and wall putty.

All about innovative construction products

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or AAC blocks are precast, lightweight, insulating building materials used in place of clay bricks. These blocks are resistant to temperature variations and are fire and mould resistant. They are larger than traditional bricks and hence a wall built with this material has fewer joints. This increases the load bearing capacity of the wall. The dimensional accuracy of AAC blocks also reduces the need for rendering materials.

Block joining mortar is the main product used to join AAC blocks. This is a cement based thin bed mortar. A dry mix mortar known as ready mix plaster may be used to finish wall interiors and exteriors. To give walls an even finish, wall putty may be used. This fills in uneven spaces and pinholes and may be used as a base layer before painting. Dry mix mortar is easier to use as compared to cement mixes and has higher bonding and tensile strength. It is easy to use and reduces construction time.

Like construction materials, wall claddings such as tiles and the materials used to install them have also evolved. A number of different tiles and stone products are available today for interior and exterior wall surface treatments. Instead of cement slurry used to install these tiles, tile adhesive is now being preferred. This is stronger, easier to work with, has a higher open time and is sag resistant. As a result, masons are able to achieve a better finish and the tiles have a lower risk of cracking.

Role of Magicrete

Magicrete offers a wide range of innovative construction materials including AAC blocks, precast products and dry mix mortar. This includes a ready mix plaster and gypsum plaster that can be used on internal and external walls. In terms of tile adhesive, Magicrete offers four different types of tile adhesives categorized on the basis of the type of tile they are suitable for. These are Standard, Elite, Premium and White tile adhesives.