Can someone else achieve your dream for you? No. Then how can your dream home be a second hand home? Building a home from scratch is like nurturing a dream. It is a challenging project, yet the most fulfilling experience to build a home and lend it a part of your personality. However, a lot of things need to be kept in mind to build a home that lasts generations, starting from location and builder or architect to materials used, interior and exterior design, as well as finishing.

Want to know how to build a home from scratch? Here is a comprehensive guide that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Location: You might build the most beautiful home you can conceive of, but if the location is not right, then the rest of your handwork can go waste. While choosing a location, you will need to think about practical factors such as the nearest market, distance from your office, pollution level in the area, greenery around the area and most importantly, easy access to amenities such as hospitals, schools etc. A good location is the perfect first step towards your dream home.
  2. Builder: The builder you choose will pretty much be the most important factor in converting your dream into reality. Analyze the options carefully in terms of track record, reputation, reviews, financial stability, follow up warranty and the features that are included in standard pricing.
  3. Foundation: Laying a strong foundation is the first milestone of your journey towards building your home. You need to be extremely careful of the technicalities such as the finished foundation that should be high enough so that water will move away from the house. The foundation should also be waterproofed so as to keep water from accumulating in the basement or in the crawl space.
  4. Construction material: This is the soul of your home. Your lifelong abode needs to have strength and might. From the first board up to the pour of the foundation, to framing, the roof, sheetrock, cabinets, flooring, painting and fixtures, everything has to be selected carefully, keeping in mind not just the quality and price, but also about the environment. An ethical building practice requires that you use green building material which is environment friendly and does not cause any direct or indirect harm to nature.
  5. Plumbing and electrical wiring: Poor plumbing and electrical work can prove to be not just inconvenient but unsafe as well. Make sure that the toilets, sinks, faucets and any other fixtures are properly installed and that there is no scope for leakage.
  6. Interior design: This factor is often ignored as we feel that it is easy to decorate a house. But an interior designer does much more than that. You need to make the best possible use of space in the bedrooms, living rooms etc. and you can collaborate with an interior designer to bring alive your house and lend it a personality of its own. A professional will also help you to choose colors, fixtures and furnishing intelligently, for a comfortable and functional ambiance.
  7. Hard surface flooring and exterior finish grading: Ceramic tile, wood flooring, vinyl as well as countertops are installed towards the finishing stage. Exterior finish grading has to be completed to ensure proper drainage away from the home and also to prepare the yard for landscaping, driveway etc.
  8. Final walkthrough: A final inspection with your builder, architect and interior designer is a must because once you shift into the house, it can become difficult to revise some construction or repair something.

One of the most important companions of your house, as already stated, is the construction material and thus it is important to use trusted material which fortifies not just your home but also supports the environment.

Green construction with Magicrete

Magicrete is one stop solution for your construction, it is also one of the leading manufacturers of AAC Blocks in India. AAC Blocks can be used in the same way as red bricks. However, unlike the red bricks, they are lightweight, way more durable and available in a range of sizes. They are also pest resistant, heat resistant and earthquake resistant. These blocks are made out of a mixture of cement, silica and lime, and reinforced with a welded steel mesh.

Once all your efforts materialize and you witness your beautiful home in front of you, all the money shelled out, strenuous planning, stress and the sweat will seem absolutely worth it.