Say No to Traditional Clay Bricks
Say no to the traditional clay bricks while you build your home and use the AAC blocks that are efficient and long lasting. AAC blocks are designed to provide you with higher safety and better infrastructure. Age old practices of constructing properties with the use of clay bricks has now been replaced by AAC blocks that offer various advantages and are also easy to use. AAC blocks are gaining importance as well as recognition in India; the blocks are light in weight and versatile for use. They are earthquake resistant and have higher strength, which is essential for your home. With the changing technology and increasing innovations across the construction sector, AAC blocks are here to make your job easier and your property stronger.
Magicrete is a pioneer in the manufacture of AAC bricks that are high in quality and precisely designed. They use a path breaking technology and offer ecofriendly construction materials that will provide the necessary strength to your building and also ensure that it remains cost efficient. Magicrete is committed to excellence and has worked for many successful construction projects across the Country. It caters to the growing need of AAC blocks across the country and provides premium services to them. It maintains consistent quality and offers customized solutions to the customers depending on their requirements.
Magicrete is the first AAC Company that provides complete walling solutions using state of the art technology and it offers a wide range of products. It is present in 14 States and 30 cities with its 2000 retail outlets. They have served more than 2000 projects and aim to reach out to more cities with the AAC blocks. Magicrete aims to educate individuals about the benefits of using AAC blocks in place of the traditional clay bricks and to reduce the overall cost of construction. They also have various satisfied clients across the country that vouch for their products and services. AAC blocks are easily available and they are light in weight which makes them easier to transport and use in the process of construction. With a high quality infrastructure and a cost efficient form of construction, AAC blocks are here to stay and the sooner you switch to it, the more benefits you will reap.
After a few years of construction, the exterior walls usually suffer due to the weather changes, which cause trouble on the exterior as well as the interior of the house. With the use of AAC blocks, your wall will remain intact and strong for a long duration and the exterior beauty of your house will remain the same for many years to come. With the use of AAC blocks, your house will remain earthquake resistant and you will be able to enjoy a stress free monsoon. The blocks are ideal to weather all the seasons and remain strong through the same. Most importantly, they are light in weight which makes it easier to carry them on the site of construction.