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What is Tile Adhesive and What Are Their Types?

Tiles are the most commonly used material for flooring and wall covering of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and office spaces. Besides being inexpensive and durable, tiles add to the aesthetic value of your house or workplace. Tile adhesive, a particular type of glue, is used to install these tiles on the floor or walls of your house.


What is tile adhesive?

As mentioned, tile adhesive is a select glue that is used for installing tiles on the wall, floor or swimming pool; essentially anything that has a substrate of wood, glass or cement. Primarily, these are based on polymer, cement or epoxy.


Depending upon the composition, tile adhesives can be broadly classified into three types:


  • Cement-based tile adhesive

This is the most common type of tile adhesive used by masons for affixing tiles to walls and floors. It is a powdery mixture comprising of cement, polymers, selected aggregate particles and additives imparting strong adhesive properties.


It has to be mixed with water (or any other liquid) to result in a fluid that can be used to paste the tiles.


  • Polymer emulsion tile adhesive

These are ready-made fluidic adhesives and based on a range of polymer emulsions, including vinyl acetate polymers, acrylics, and styrene-butadiene latex. For the preparation of a small volume of adhesive, emulsions such as polyvinyl chloride, latex nitrile and acrylonitrile copolymers can also be used. This type of adhesive is generally preferred for wooden substrates.


  • Reactive resin tile adhesive

This type of adhesive is known for its ability to provide impressively strong adhesion that is required for high-end tiling applications. Based on polyurethane, these adhesives are considered ideal for laying tiles on critical substrates such as polyester, steel or chipboard, for that matter. Besides, it is waterproof and can prevent moisture absorption by the walls or floors.


Why should you use Magicrete tile adhesives?

Leading supplier of tile adhesives in India, Magicrete offers top-bracket tile adhesives suitable for both internal and external applications. Besides its superior waterproofing abilities, tile adhesives from Magicrete are durable and help to keep cracking or buckling of tiles in check.


Magicrete offers four types of tile adhesives — Premium, Standard, Elite and White. The appropriate variant will vary, depending on the type and size of tiles, and the kind of substrate.


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